The “Alexandria Medical Students' Research Association” is a non-profit organization concerned with all research activity of undergraduate students in the Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University.


Mission Statement

The Mission of the “Alexandria Medical Students' Research Association” is to encourage increased participation of undergraduate students in research activities and to coordinate research activities between students, postgraduates and the academic staff, with the ultimate aim of increasing the research output of our Faculty.


Our Logo

The 'R' .. stands for Research.
The 'wave' ... represents Alexandria and its sea.
As for the 'star' or 'asterisk' .. it represents the "spark of creativity", obviously needed for any research initiative.


Research opportunity in Ireland

We have the attached research opportunity available at Food for Health Ireland – University College Dublin.

We would be grateful if you would display/distribute the opportunity to graduates as appropriate.

Thank you for your help.

Kind Regards,

Mary Flood
Executive Assistant
Food Bioscience Section
Room 301C UCD Agriculture and Food Science Centre
School of Agriculture, Food Science and Veterinary Medicine
University College Dublin
Dublin 4

Please for more info contact:

First Annual meeting of the Association.

Dear all;


Since there has been no new meetings of the board for over three months now, due to multiple reasons out of the association's control, the board decided to freshen up the activities for the new academic year 2010-2011. The meeting attendance is very important, for many crucial ideas and future goals shall be discussed. These include;


Bariatric Surgery Laparoscopic Workshop

ALEXEA announces the organization of a Bariatric Surgery Laparoscopic Workshop in collaboration with the Surgery Department, Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University
October 11-15, 2010


Research database growing

As many of you have noticed, our research database is growing as we are contacted by more and more postgraduate students. Those who contact us are mainly searching for co-researchers from undergraduate students to help them with their theses.

At the same time, many active volunteers on our research coordination team (e.g. Enas, Hatem, Nora) are contacting more and more postgraduate students to allow more research opportunities for students.


Workshop (JUL 24th) report

Where: Library (6th Floor)
When: 9.30am - 1.30pm

around 20 students interested in uptaking research around topic tracks of the upcoming ICIUM conference.


Photos attached below.


In this workshop, we gave:

Meeting Synopsis: With Prof. Dr. Samir Helmy Assaad

1. Meeting Date: Tuesday 20/7/2010 (1.15pm - 3.15pm)

2. Fifteen members attended the meeting.

3. The meeting started by Dr. Samir introducing the idea of the upcoming ICIUM conference to the attending students.

4. Every student received the call of abstracts and abstract submission guidelines, including the conference topic tracks. The documents can be reached on the ICIUM website online. They are also attached below.

5. It was agreed that interested students should start reading in the topic tracks and choose an interesting topic for research. Teams will be formed accordingly.

Zewail is coming to town.

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Osman informed me that Dr. Ahmed Zewail is invited to our Faculty in July. He has been invited to our University by Prof. Dr. Hind Hanafy.

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Osman will be responsible for organizing the event and students will be the centre of the event so he would like all of our students to attend. But since the event will perhaps involve students from all faculties of our University, the number of students attending from the faculty of Medicine will be limited.

Meeting Synopsis

1. Meeting Date: Thursday 13/5/2010 (2.45pm - 4.30pm)

2. Eleven attended the meeting.

3. Some of our members who have attended the meeting volunteered to join the research coordination team who will contact the postgraduate students.

4. A forum topic will be opened in due time for this matter to coordinate this online.

5. We voted that joining postgraduates will occur through a mechanism on the website in the form of "job offers" and students apply to 'researches' which are of interest to them.

The 31st Congress of Alexandria Faculty of Medicine: Online student registration open

Free online student registration for the 31st Annual Scientific Congress of the Alexandria Faculty of Medicine is now available.

This is the official online student registration page on the faculty website:

I would also ask those who are sure they will be attending the congress to sign up on our event page too (http://www.alexresearch.org/event/341/31th-annual-scientific-congress-al...) and email us their full name and year of study at info@alexresearch.org or drop them in the comments so we can have better tracking of the number of students registering. From your emails/comments I will prepare a list of AMSRA members who will be attending and provide it to Dr. Ahmed Osman.

Please note that early registration makes their job a whole lot easier, especially that the number of students will be limited and considering the fact that they are preparing name tags and certificates for hundreds of attending students.

Kind Regards,
Ahmed Bassiouni

Photos from the last workshop (April 3rd)

These photos were taken during our last workshop: "How to write a research paper", which was held on April 3rd.